Questions about our internship program? Find the answers here.

When can I enroll in the internship class?

In order for your internship to count for class credit students must have completed 70% of their program credit hours prior to enrolling in the class.
How many hours does internship require?
In order to successfully complete the internship class, students must complete 240 hours within a 9-16 week period based on the semester enrolled.
How many hours a week do I need to work?
Typically students work around 20 hours per week at their internship. However, this should be a discussion between the student and internship employer and an agreement of schedule should be settled upon that works for both parties.
Who is responsible for finding internship placement?
Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to find their own internship. The department sends out weekly pre-approved internship opportunities that can assist you in your search. They can also be found here.
If I am pursuing multiple degrees/certificates do I need to complete multiple internships?
No, we do not require students to complete an internship for each; however, we do encourage you to find an internship that can incorporate both.
If I find an internship prior to semester can I start logging hours?
Yes, students are able to start logging internship hours prior to the semester with written permission from the internship instructor. We understand that the industries do not run on semesters and we do not want the students to miss out on a great opportunity.
Can I work at my internship when school is not in session (ex. Spring Break)?
Yes, students are able to work during these “off” times and the department supports this as being an excellent time to gain valuable experience.
Will I have to attend class and if so how many times?
Yes, students will need to attend a few classes throughout the semester. During these classes the instructor will review managerial and leadership styles and information which you can utilize during your internship and help you complete your final project.
How many assessments will I need to complete?
During the semester the student will need to complete 4 assessments which will compose the final project.
Will the instructor come visit me on site during my internship?
Yes, the internship instructor will complete at least one site visit during your internship.
Will I be paid for my internship?
This all depends on the internship provider. Some companies are able to pay our interns and some are not. All internship experiences are valuable. Remember that if you go in to an internship and work hard, you may create future job opportunities and connections.  International students, please make sure you contact the International Student Services Office to seek assistance in determining if you are eligible to get compensated for your internship.