If you have completed 70% of your degree classes and are looking for an internship, be sure to read all the information on this “Internship” tab.  There is also a link to Internship Opportunities here.  These opportunities are from companies sending us requested positions as well as listings that previous interns have held.   Also, please note that if you are asking companies about internships, they will sometimes not call them internships, but positions or jobs. 

You can take an official internship, a position or a job but you need to explain that you would like to work in or cross train in a couple of areas so that you can use the position for your internship at ACC.

The work you do needs to include the opportunity for you to learn in areas that are supervisory or management oriented, or are positions you would like to learn more about.  An Internship position differs from a job or position in a couple of significant ways.  An internship can be paid or unpaid, depending on the company offering the position.  An intern works with management to try out different areas of the work place and focuses on understanding  management issues. So for example, in a hotel internship, you might work several departments of the hotel (housekeeping, front desk, banquets, restaurants, etc.) so that you can see the opportunities and challenges each department faces.  In a job or position, you would simply perform the work related to that one position.  Another example might include working with a catering company.  An intern would work with management to help in various areas of the client interaction – perhaps sitting in on client meetings, working through the schedule and planning process, helping at the event, and participating in the event wrap up and closure.  If you were only working a job or position, it might limit you to only one part of this process, such as helping with the catering of the event.  Therefore, this internship is your opportunity to understand and experience a larger scope of work and begin understanding the management functions.  Talk with your internship supervisor about the various things you will be doing and be sure they understand you will want to be involved in a larger scope of work.

If you have begun your internship, you can begin accumulating hours toward the course as of three weeks before the semester begins.   If you have not begun, you will need to begin your internship by the second week of the semester.

Forms will be provided on the first day of class that will include your Work Log, Internship Agreement Form, FAQ listings, and a schedule of the modules we will be completing in class.  If you need these forms before the semester begins, they are under the tab on the course Blackboard page if you have registered.  Please see the note below in regards to the ACC Internship Approval Form that must be completed.