Departmental advising is a required process for students in the Hospitality and Meeting & Event Planning programs. Department staff will strategically approve you for classes based on your progression and status in the program. A face to face appointment is mandatory for first time students.

The advising process is a critical step in ensuring enough seats are available to students within our programs; therefore, the majority of courses are locked. With the exception of introductory courses, a granted petition is needed to register for locked classes and can only be given through an advising session.
For additional advising information contact the Departments of Hospitality and Meeting & Event Planning at 512-223-5274 or email:

Step 1: Review Current Course Offerings

On the granted petition, you will indicate the course(s) in which you would like to enroll. Review our current course offerings on the Course Schedule.

Step 2: Program Review and Course Selection

Use your Self-Service portal to access Student Planning and My Progress (within student planning).  This will allow you to track your progress and see which classes you have left to complete.  (see Step 3).  To assist you in planning, please check out our Course Offering Chart as all of our classes are not offered each semester.  Please note they are subject to change.

Step 3: Complete Current Student Granted Petition

Complete the Current Student Granted Petition. This form is to be used ONLY by students who have had previous face-to-face advising at least once.
Current Student Granted Petition Form
There are 2 ways you can turn in the Current Student Granted Petition:

    1. Scan the Current Student Advising Form then email to department assistant at
    2. Face to face with a department adviser.
      Advising appointments are available through the below google calendar links. Select an Instructor of your choice, then sign in using a google email (either your ACC email or personal gmail account). Then select the next available appointment, be sure to note the arrows for future weeks.  To avoid scheduling errors, please ensure that your calendar’s time zone is set properly to CentralPlease note that we only advise for courses within our programs; should you need to obtain a granted petition please contact the department associated with the course.

Liz Hundley, Department Chair & Professor
Nichole Golden, Administrative Assistant